Different Banking Platforms Used in Online Gambling

Banking has always been a complex and cumbersome method for few who never seemed to get a hang of it. With advancements in technology, more people find it comfortable to go with online banking transaction methods and platforms. With online casino banking methods, things are quite upright and straight and various banking platforms are promoted in the online casinos to allow better flexibility to the players. The security check process is the only process that might take some time and once it’s done, you will realise that things are quite smooth sailing on the whole. It’s important for players to provide their ID proofs for the security check purpose. Even the casinos have a cashier system where deposition and withdrawal systems take place.

laptop and chipsYou might opt for the e-wallet system or use your debit card and in these cases you either provide your PIN number or your security code. However, you must make sure that you are transacting with a genuine online casino since, these are your security codes or PIN numbers that you are providing them. Every casino online comes with a usual banking system that’s provided by their software provider. In each online casino the banking page provides a list of banking options and methods that the clients and players can use.

You may choose to use credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets or prepaid credit cards depending on your choice. It is always safer to use e-wallets since majority casino players fret at the thought of not getting back their winnings in their credit cards. Some of the e-wallets also allow usage of ATM cards and various systems that let you send the withdrawn amount to your bank accounts.

Neteller and Moneybooker are among the most trusted e-wallet systems for many online casino gamblers. You can use them for both depositing and withdrawing cash from your onilne casino. Click2Pay and FirePay are equally supported options among e-wallet variations. NetPay, Citadel and UseMyBank are also supported options but these are the lesser used ones. PayPal is currently coming up as a widely used option in the gambling segment, especially in countries where gambling is considered legal. Most UK Bookmakers and the bigger online casinos offer the PayPal banking option in their websites.

CashBet, iSoftBet Join Forces

iSoftbetiSoftBet is heading into a partnership with CashBet, with the aim to provide great services to their mobile customers. By having this connection with CashBet, it means iSoftBet can offer their customers mobile games with real money on the line. These games will be available on Android and Apple smartphones, along with select Windows Phones. iSoftBet has a lot of popular mobile games that play on HMTL5 platforms. Now their UK customers will be able to add money to their accounts and take these games to the next level.

The service also benefits CashBet, who have been looking for a way to diversify their offerings for a long time. Along with this offering to the United Kingdom, the two companies are also teaming up to target mobile gamers in New Jersey. That is the state where online gambling has been legalized, which means plenty of potential for growth.

High Quality Mobile Games

The CEO of CashBet spoke about their partnership with iSoftBet and had this to say: “We want to offer high quality games that will excite our customers. By partnering with iSoftBet, we allow people to bet on these high quality mobile games in an efficient manner.”

With all the ID verification, payment solutions and other specifics handled by CashBet, it allows iSoftBet to focus on creating games of the highest possible quality.

iSoftBet has been responsible for some of the best HTML5 games that have entered the market. They work in tandem with some great software designers and game developers, ensuring a high quality product. Their games often include slots, bingo and other jackpot related games. Their games are a way to bring the “Vegas experience” to your mobile.

The CEO of iSoftBet said he was very happy with this union. He believes that working alongside CashBet will ensure that the customers of both companies are a lot happier. Players will get to enjoy high quality games, while placing bets in a safe and secure manner.

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Online Gambling Trends on the Rise


Western Europe continues to be the leader in the online gambling trend. Online gambling profits are predicted to rise between 7% and 10% within the next three to five years.

PokerStarsThis is great news for sites like Pokerstars, which hold the lion’s share of profits and users when it comes to online gambling. The same study predicts mobile gaming to be the next big trend in online gaming, with the number of players projected to near 100 million people. It is predicted that this vast increase in players will lead to a 40% market share for mobile online casinos by 2018.

Western Europe continues to be ahead of the game compared to other parts of the world. In most Asian countries, gambling is only legal in physical casinos. Across the pond the United States has legalized online gambling in only three out of fifty states. This is excellent news for online casinos based in Western Europe since it seems like they will not face much global competition over the next five to ten years.

With the startling number of off-shore online casinos cropping up, many governments are rushing to enact legislation to try and curb this phenomenon. France has had legal online gambling and betting for four years now; however, statistics show that over a quarter of the total number of online poker players turn to off-shore poker sites. When it comes to the highest number of gamblers per person Australia takes the lead. Studies show that growth is estimated at 30% per year and show no sign of slowing down.

As the world becomes more and more digital, the consensus among experts is that online casinos will continue to enjoy yearly growth over the next decade.

Professional Poker Player’s Computer Compromised by Increasingly Common Attack

JenKyllönenProfessional poker player Jens Kyllönen recently had a near brush with an alarming type of malware that could have cost the him millions in losses.

Jens Kyllönen was returning to his hotel room in Barcelona after a day at the tables playing in the European Poker Room when he realized that he was unable to unlock the door using his electronic card key. Once he was able to get the door unlocked, he discovered that his laptop was missing. When the laptop mysteriously appeared back in his room a short time later, Kyllönen suspected that something up.

What kind of malware did security experts find on Kyllönen’s machine?

The Finland-based computer security firm F-Secure performed a forensic examination of Kyllönen’s laptop and found a kind of malware that could be a professional poker player’s worst nightmare. A type of program called a remote access trojan, or RAT, had been installed on the computer at approximately the same time that it had gone missing from Kyllönen’s hotel room.

Hackers use RAT programs to gain access to a poker player’s computer while they are playing. From there, they can see exactly what cards a player is holding from one hand to the next. This gives an attacker just the information they need to know in order to gain an upper hand and wait for the perfect time to strike.

This type of security breach has become so common that it even has a name: the evil maid attack. Hotel personnel use their access to a target’s room to install RAT programs onto a victim’s computer. When the target is a high profile business person, security personnel call this practice “whaling,” while attacks involving professional poker players and other high rollers is referred to as “sharking.”

What do security problems like these mean for other poker players?

According to the team at F-Secure, the software used to compromise Kyllönen’s computer was fairly basic and could be used to spy on players at most of the major online poker rooms.

Now more than ever, online poker players need to place on a priority on security in order to safe online. Ensure that your computer is properly protected with encrypted passwords while they are turned off and try to keep your devices locked up or on your person while traveling.

Crown Limited to Open New Casino in Barangaroo

Barry O'FarrellCrown Limited has recently announced that it will build a new casino and six-star hotel in Barangaroo. This news comes to light after the group entered into a binding agreement with the New South Wales government.

This new Crown Limited casino and hotel in Barangaroo, which is located in Sydney, will cater to high-dollar gamblers. The casino itself is said to be worth more than $1.5 billion. It will also feature no-low limit bets on all of its table games.

Barry O’Farrell Defends New Casino

Barry O’Farrell, a politician in New South Wales, said that this agreement marks the end of negotiations on this matter. The casino will not be ready for operation until November 2019. He pointed out that this is not only great news for all of the high rollers in Sydney but also for the government. The government will generate a minimum $1 billion in taxes and fees over the next 15 years as a result of this new casino.

Mr O’Farrell also defended his government’s decision to open another casino. He said that this is simply about wealthy people engaging in gaming. According to government estimates, nearly 5 percent of all local gamblers will use this casino when it is finished. That being said, this is based on people who will be betting more than $400,000 a year. This is outside the means of most people who live in Australia.

More Jobs in Sydney

Of course, this new casino offers more for Sydney than just another place to gamble. It also offers more than 1,250 jobs. According to the New South Wales government and Crown Limited, these jobs will be made available through construction, tourism and full-time jobs at the casino and hotel. This is great news for Sydney, which is still struggling with high unemployment rates.

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Poker 101, love Casino Jones

Meet Stanton Tweni. He is the representative for Casino Jones and takes us on a journey of discovery as we learn all about the popular game – Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. His James Bond temperament is captivating and his quirkiness is entertaining, as Stanton takes us through the general order of play, we start to get a feel for what the game of Poker is all about. Stanton tells us about Small and Big Blinds, how to bet, general etiguette and finally the different types of hands and their strengths. You may have heard of these hands: A Royal Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and a Pair. Each one of these hand combinations are shown to viewers for their convenience.