Online Casino Deal for Netherlands and Malta

betssonComplete gambling regulation has not reached most countries in the world, but that is not stopping the Netherlands and Malta from taking significant steps in the right direction. Both countries have reached an agreement to share information between their two gambling commissions.

The idea behind this movie is to help integrate new online gambling regulations in the Netherlands, and eventually throughout Europe. By teaming up with Malta, a nation where many online casinos get their licensing, Dutch authorities will be well placed to regulate the sites their citizens are using.

The CEO of the Netherlands’ gaming and betting national authority had this to say on the matter: “We are very happy with this deal. We believe it was a crucial step in finding our path to proper online casino regulation in the Netherlands.”

Not only will the Netherlands be able to get relevant information about online casinos, but they will also learn a lot about regulation within the industry. European countries are relative newcomers when it comes to regulating online casinos, which is where the expertise of Maltese authorities will help.

For their part, Maltese authorities are also happy about this partnership. They believe that teaming up with their Dutch counterparts shows how serious Malta is about regulating online casinos. Critics of the online casino system often point to companies getting licenses from lesser known countries such as Malta, where regulations may be lax. By partnering with the Netherlands, Malta shows that this is not the case.

The Netherlands have been seeking stronger online casino regulation for many years. A concentrated effort has been made by this government to revamp their legislation with respect to online gambling, and this is another step in that direction.

European nations are hoping that a standard method of regulating online casinos will eventually emerge. This will eliminate the need for specialized laws in each country.

Kentucky and Massachusetts Try To Weight Their Options


In Massachusetts and Kentucky, lawmakers are working on bids for casinos that could bring big money to the states but also social costs. However, the lawmakers are trying to decide what those social costs are. The concerns are not different than we would hear from any other part of the world that is considering allowing gambling in the door. Will people become addicted to gambling? Will people lose too much money? Will there be an Wynn Resortsincrease in crime.

Of course, the high-powered presentations from Mohegan Sun and Wynn Resorts, to name some of the players, are fantastic in every way. While the casinos will bring big money to these areas, there are many states in the U.S. that do not allow gambling. Because of this, some states think it should be left up to Las Vegas and other Nevada outposts to keep people happy. However, America is big enough that not everybody can get to these places easily. While these are fair concerns for the businesspeople who want to make more money, convincing the legislators to allow casinos in the door is a big step.

While there are no rulings yet, it is possible that there could be a gambling renaissance in America. Considering how big gambling has gotten in Asia and Europe, American municipalities may want to cash in on the craze rather than stand by and miss out.

We won’t know until final decisions are made, but there is a chance that the people who are working on these deals could start a gambling craze in America that could touch many more states before it’s over.

Addiction Study Focuses on Online Gambling In UK

The online gambling industry is under increased scrutiny as it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The risks of addiction will be addressed by academics in a series of studies exploring the negative consequences of increased access to betting through internet portals.

Ongoing studies about the social dangers posed by fixed-odds betting terminals are already ongoing. These machines generate healthy revenue streams within the industry and Labour and Liberal Democrats assert that these machines take advantage of low income people.

The charity that is conducting these studies is expanding its research to include online gambling, the effects of gambling on youth, gambling-related advertisement, and social gambling.

The Responsible Gambling Trust states that more research will raise the level of debate about the impact that gambling has upon society. The aim of the additional research is to gather independent research in order to create conditions for honest debate.

Restrictions on online gambling are not expected to be enacted before the research has been completed. However, the RGT is expanding the range of research it sponsors into more diverse areas to gather a more complete picture.

Online gamblingThe growth of the gambling industry has been driven by the rise in online gambling in the UK. These betting groups will be required to fund portions of the research and must provide information about their internal practices.

A 15 per cent tax on online gambling’s gross profits becomes effective in December of 2014. Experts from within the UK’s online gambling casino industry worry that the government is over-regulating them. They stress that such stringent regulations may place taxpaying operators of online casinos under too much pressure and offshore operators will be able to prosper.

Reputable UK operators state that they deliver high quality customer service and caution that online only bookmakers will not be regulated.

Studies completed in 2010 found that problem gamblers had risen from 0.6 per cent in 2007 to 0.9 per cent at the completion of the study. Gambling industry leaders feel these numbers illustrate that the rise in online gambling has not had an appreciable adverse effect on the population.

A representative from the Responsible Gambling Trust insists that additional research is necessary. He argues that treatment programs for gambling addiction may not be sufficiently funded. Questions about the effectiveness of gambling addiction programs should be included in the new research according to the RGT spokesperson.

The advantages of professional gambling

Imagine being able to play your favorite game, whether it’s Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat, for an income and living a luxurious life style off of the proceeds. As long as you keep performing and upping your ante, this will be the sort of life style a professional gambler can live.

They say “If you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life”, imagine other people slogging it in the office while you play a few rounds of your favorite game and make a lot more money than them. This is the life most people want, but they cannot always attain it because they have little belief in themselves. We can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

Gambling takes on a whole new dimension when on a professional level, because you’re obviously a high roller and the bets are incredibly larger than people who visit casinos to enjoy themselves and hope to make a little money on the side. When you’re a high roller and win the round – you win an exorbitant amount of cash.

It’s time to make those dreams a reality, whatever your dreams may be.

From beginner to professional online gambler in 60 seconds

Let’s presume you know nothing about online gambling so that we can start from the beginning. Online gambling has been made possible by revolutionary software such as Microgaming and various other fast and efficient payment systems such as Paypal. Let’s not forget about the realistic graphics that make the online experience that much more exciting.

There is a lot of gambling sites on the web, so do your homework and make sure you pick a site that is reliable and offers great pay outs. It’s also a fantastic idea to read eBooks on how to play the various games or whichever game you intend on playing. These books will give you all the basics as well as strategies for developed players who are looking to improve their game. You’ll also have the opportunity to read about these games’ extraordinary histories and become a real guru on all or any games you choose to focus your interests.

Once you’ve read up about the games, you can start to put into practice what you’ve learnt and when your read you can start entering into local and then international tournaments and become the next legendary player.