James Packer’s Rise to Casino Kingdom

James Packer's Rise to Casino KingdomAustralian billionaire James packer has had a few more opportunities than most of us in life. Even though he inherited a media empire and its fortune from his father, Packer hasn’t allowed himself to remain complacent with this. Instead, he seeks to develop his own legacy, taking his own gambles that aren’t always paying off.

Rather than media, Packer believed there was a better future in gaming, which is why he used his money to build Crown Resorts, the biggest entertainment group in Australia. The company also has roots around the globe and has appeared in the news on several occasions.

After his father’s death in 2006, Mr Packer inherited an empire worth $5.2 billion. Most has been sold in pieces by Mr Packer, who worried about his father’s empire. He believes the decision to sell the assets was the correct one, especially as the Internet continues to make traditional media more pointless.

That said, it remained a gamble to attempt that hasn’t completely paid off since Mr Packer’s net worth is yet to fix itself. This is partially due to losing a few casino deals back when the financial crisis was high. This harmed his wealth, lowering it to $3 billion. However, now that gambling is recovering, so has the net worth of Mr Packer, rising to about $4.7 billion. That makes him the fourth richest in Australia.

As he sets his sights on the future, Mr Packer has plans to continue growing his online casino empire, which will help his net worth further. His Crown Resorts recently proposed a destination in Brisbane as well as a luxury six-start hotel resort to be placed in the middle of Sydney.

Mr Packer is a fortune one, having inherited his father’s empire. However, rather than being complacent, he took a risk to help secure his own legacy, which appears to be working now that Crown Resorts is growing rapidly globally.

Winward Casino Wishes Everybody a Happy 2015

Winward Casino constantly tries to provide its members a superlative experience in the online gaming arena. It provides a broad choice of entertainment options guaranteed to make sure that the players enjoy continued access to superb cash prizes and have fun.

The New Year is already here and the team at Winward Casino continues to uphold its best to deliver an awesome cluster of fabulous events. There are multiple promotions which you can enjoy this January.

Winward Casino Promotions.

Best year ever!

Start 2015 in style! Play to your maximum for a truly memorable trip in Road to the Rio Raffle. Brazil’s amazing sunshine and beaches are waiting for the Raffle’s winner, who will enjoy a heavenly trip at Rio de Janiero. The winner can take another person if so desired. Each ticket costs $100, and more you get the chances of heading off to Rio increases. If you win, you, along with your companion, will be the recipient of $2,000 that you can spend however you like. The prize includes five star accommodations and the famous carnival.


Google Glass prize

In the January 19 to the January 31 period, you are warmly invited to participate in Hi-Tech Vision Tournament. The event is amazing as you get the chance to win a prize of Google Glasses. Yes, your companion will get one too. The latest technology and the absolutely cutting edge gadget can be yours if you participate. A pair of Google Glasses will be given to the top 10 players. The players will be the ones who wagers the maximum on all the games. It will all be extremely enjoyable and fun.

The tournament, named Carnival of Venice, scheduled to run in the January 31 to February 17 period, is designed to satisfy all lovers of online slot games.

Decline in Horse Race Betting In Florida

Florida’s Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering recently reported that there has been an overall decline in the horse and dog race betting in the state. According to the report, there has been a significant decrease (about 2.5 percent) in horse race wagering for the fiscal year of 2013-2014 compared to the previous 12 month period. The “handle,” or the total wagering amount for a horse or dog racing season, is estimated to have dropped from $872.3 million last year to $850.1 million, as of June 30, 2014.

Placing bets Before five years, the handle for Florida was over $1 billion. However, experts say that anything above $850 million is a commendable figure indeed, because with the rise in other casino-based gambling options, the horse and dog racing wagering have lost their appeal. To back up this claim, there are several reports suggesting that the total income of cardroom games have raised by 2.6 percent in just one fiscal year.

News in the Tampa bay area

In contrast to the rest of the state, the horse and dog wagering amounts increased by 24 percent overall in the Tampa Bay area, which is estimated as $119 million in 2014 from about $96 million same time last year. The region also showed a small increase in the total income of cardroom based games.

The world’s oldest racetrack that has been in continuous operation, St. Petersburg’s Derby Lane, has seen a steep decline in its revenues. Its financial figures declined by over 8.5 percent, according to several reports.

Dog racing is no different

Dog racing based income in the region was no different, and the Naples Ft. Myers Greyhound dog track decreased in its revenues from over $19 million last year to less than $17.8 in 2014. GREY2K USA Worldwide’s executive director, Carey M. Theil, said that dog racing was certainly a fast declining industry, and in the last 5 years alone, the betting on dog races had dropped by 26 percent.


Australians To Watch at WCOOP

World Championship of Online PokerIt won’t be long before the next World Championship of Online Poker makes a return, and there are a number of Australian players looking to get the big prize. In all, there are four Australians to watch out for when checking news at WCOOP.

The first is Mathew Wakeman, known by his handle “mjw006” and currently has won $2,661,063 in online tournament winnings. Currently, Mathew Wakeman is the number one poker player in Australia and the number eight poker player in the world, giving him great form and a chance to compete in the next World Championship of Online Poker. His two biggest scores top at $76,580 and $74,866, having won them when getting the second place in a PokerStars Super Tuesday followed by coming in sixth at a SCOOP event three months after this win.

The next is Jonathan Karmalikis, known by his handle “MONSTERDONG” and having won $4,644,155 in online winnings. Already, Karamalikis has earned a bracelet from WCOOP in the past, so it makes sense that he will gun for another one at the next event. Karamalikis bested over a thousand players as he worked towards the 2011 WCOOP event, where he earned nearly $180,000.

The third to watch is Michael Fadersen, known by his handle “WaGe N WaRz” and has currently earned $2,249,518. Fadersen recently gained fame has he climbed up the Australian rankings to number two, which is a well earned reward for getting serious payouts in online tournaments for many years.

Finally, there is Andrew Hinrichsen, known by his handle “andyhin22” and having earned $1,494,021 so far. A bracelet holder of the World Series of Poker Europe, Hinrichsen is someone to look out for with decent form. He recently finished third in PokerStars’ The Big, having earned $12,147. While the biggest payout he earned is “only” $28,606, he has certainly built up a reputation for being a dangerous force at WCOOP.

Those interested in also joining the WCOOP can do so at PokerStars. Currently, the company offers those who download the software through PokerNetwork the chance to enter a marketing code and receive a bonus. The bonus is currently a 100 per cent match up to the first $600 that the player deposits into the account. There are additional bonuses each day as PokerStars attempts to help the WCOOP grow in number and payout.

Addiction Study Focuses on Online Gambling In UK

The online gambling industry is under increased scrutiny as it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The risks of addiction will be addressed by academics in a series of studies exploring the negative consequences of increased access to betting through internet portals.

Ongoing studies about the social dangers posed by fixed-odds betting terminals are already ongoing. These machines generate healthy revenue streams within the industry and Labour and Liberal Democrats assert that these machines take advantage of low income people.

The charity that is conducting these studies is expanding its research to include online gambling, the effects of gambling on youth, gambling-related advertisement, and social gambling.

The Responsible Gambling Trust states that more research will raise the level of debate about the impact that gambling has upon society. The aim of the additional research is to gather independent research in order to create conditions for honest debate.

Restrictions on online gambling are not expected to be enacted before the research has been completed. However, the RGT is expanding the range of research it sponsors into more diverse areas to gather a more complete picture.

Online gamblingThe growth of the gambling industry has been driven by the rise in online gambling in the UK. These betting groups will be required to fund portions of the research and must provide information about their internal practices.

A 15 per cent tax on online gambling’s gross profits becomes effective in December of 2014. Experts from within the UK’s online gambling casino industry worry that the government is over-regulating them. They stress that such stringent regulations may place taxpaying operators of online casinos under too much pressure and offshore operators will be able to prosper.

Reputable UK operators state that they deliver high quality customer service and caution that online only bookmakers will not be regulated.

Studies completed in 2010 found that problem gamblers had risen from 0.6 per cent in 2007 to 0.9 per cent at the completion of the study. Gambling industry leaders feel these numbers illustrate that the rise in online gambling has not had an appreciable adverse effect on the population.

A representative from the Responsible Gambling Trust insists that additional research is necessary. He argues that treatment programs for gambling addiction may not be sufficiently funded. Questions about the effectiveness of gambling addiction programs should be included in the new research according to the RGT spokesperson.

The advantages of professional gambling

Imagine being able to play your favorite game, whether it’s Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat, for an income and living a luxurious life style off of the proceeds. As long as you keep performing and upping your ante, this will be the sort of life style a professional gambler can live.

They say “If you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life”, imagine other people slogging it in the office while you play a few rounds of your favorite game and make a lot more money than them. This is the life most people want, but they cannot always attain it because they have little belief in themselves. We can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

Gambling takes on a whole new dimension when on a professional level, because you’re obviously a high roller and the bets are incredibly larger than people who visit casinos to enjoy themselves and hope to make a little money on the side. When you’re a high roller and win the round – you win an exorbitant amount of cash.

It’s time to make those dreams a reality, whatever your dreams may be.