Best Strategies For Craps

In a game of chance like craps where strategies in card games like blackjack, poker, baccarat do not work, players have to understand the layout and play casually to make their earnings. Any expert will tell you that the temptation to throw money on different bets on the table is immense but that can lead to reckless money loss. A sensible craps player is one who first concentrates on earning back the money wagered and then takes a couple of chances to make extra money. Ideally a player should not remove a DON’T PASS bet after a point is made of 6 or 8, as it has a decent equity bet.


Craps 5 count strategy

In this method, the player has to play very slowly by not betting anything in between rolls and reducing losses on random shots. In this strategy you start counting every roll after your chance and start betting after every fifth roll if shooter seems worthy. If the shooter gets a point or throws several points with every shoot, then other players too will start betting with that shooter. Players in this method usually work with small bets on every throw of the lucky shooter.

Winning strategy at craps

“DON’T PASS” bet is risky and rewarding. If the shooter hits either number 2 or 3 you are a winner but if he hits 7 or 11 you lose. The biggest risk with craps is the “sucker bet” as it has a big house edge and can make you lose big money. Besides these, the other worst bets are proposition bets that have house edge of 13.9 percent. Experts will always advice you to understand the flow of a craps game around the table first and study the players before participating in an on-going game as it could annoy existing players.

Slot Review – Kitty Cabana

Microgaming’s animal themed video slot Kitty Kabana is interesting enough to attract the most jaded slot player! It has a fun Bonus feature to give you access to free wild spins. You can start for as little as 25p or spread your luck with £ 37.50 every spin and play around with its charming felines. Kitty Kabana is set in a colourful luxury hotel and has an upbeat instrumental music of drums and wooden instruments to give you the feeling that you are traipsing through the floors of a luxury hotel. This regal tune is apt for the pretty cat guests and kitty waitress that sets off the wildcard spin. The game has five reels along with 25 lines to allow players to win as many as 7500 coins to 45000 coins in its free spins feature.

Kitty Cabana slot game

Kitty Kabana’s bonus feature

This feature provides free spins to players that get triggered in a random fashion when they do not get a winning spin. It has an interesting free spin feature called “Dashing Wilds” that moves across reels and stops in random locations to make small payouts. The Bonus feature of Kitty Cabana has free spins that can pay out 110000 to the lucky winner.

Game design and layout

The three rows in Kitty Kabana’s game stand for three floors of the hotel and to win the bonus a player must open the right door on each floor to unlock free spins and multipliers that will give him/her the opportunity to get the right combination. Its wild spins have interesting names like Expanding Wilds, Frozen Wilds Dashing Wilds, Split Wilds and Extra Wilds that get triggered at random and give free spins to players. The Frozen Wilds features shows wild reels frozen in place before they melt away that give players nearly 610 times win stake, while Split Wilds feature shows wilds that split into two more winning combinations. Play it today and see if you can win!

James Packer’s Rise to Casino Kingdom

James Packer's Rise to Casino KingdomAustralian billionaire James packer has had a few more opportunities than most of us in life. Even though he inherited a media empire and its fortune from his father, Packer hasn’t allowed himself to remain complacent with this. Instead, he seeks to develop his own legacy, taking his own gambles that aren’t always paying off.

Rather than media, Packer believed there was a better future in gaming, which is why he used his money to build Crown Resorts, the biggest entertainment group in Australia. The company also has roots around the globe and has appeared in the news on several occasions.

After his father’s death in 2006, Mr Packer inherited an empire worth $5.2 billion. Most has been sold in pieces by Mr Packer, who worried about his father’s empire. He believes the decision to sell the assets was the correct one, especially as the Internet continues to make traditional media more pointless.

That said, it remained a gamble to attempt that hasn’t completely paid off since Mr Packer’s net worth is yet to fix itself. This is partially due to losing a few casino deals back when the financial crisis was high. This harmed his wealth, lowering it to $3 billion. However, now that gambling is recovering, so has the net worth of Mr Packer, rising to about $4.7 billion. That makes him the fourth richest in Australia.

As he sets his sights on the future, Mr Packer has plans to continue growing his online casino empire, which will help his net worth further. His Crown Resorts recently proposed a destination in Brisbane as well as a luxury six-start hotel resort to be placed in the middle of Sydney.

Mr Packer is a fortune one, having inherited his father’s empire. However, rather than being complacent, he took a risk to help secure his own legacy, which appears to be working now that Crown Resorts is growing rapidly globally.

Sign up and Enjoy your Share of the Incentives and Bonuses!

Many of the top online gambling brands of the world are now working to deliver to Australians the mobile gambling experience

Before you sit up or jump with excitement while joining an online casino, it’s important for you to know what are bonuses and incentives that you get on signing up with a casino online for the first time. These are more like promotional offers that are introduced by online casinos to attract new players and increase their popularity in the process.

You might get a sign-up bonus or a no deposit bonus including a loyalty bonus varying from one casino to another. The no deposit bonuses are undoubtedly the most popular ones and here you get some free credit. The normal trend is however to credit bonus depending on the deposit amount.

Majority online casinos try to give you a 100% match with the amount you have deposited. For instance, if you deposit £50, the 100% match comes to £100 where £50 is added to your account. However, it’s always safe to study the company policies well before signing up with them. In case of no deposit bonuses you don’t deposit anything to start playing but to withdraw the winning amount and the bonus amount you must reach a certain wagering level.

Some of the top UK no deposit bonus giving casinos are Gala Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, 32 Red Casino, Sky Vegas Casino, Mr Green Casino, Super Casino, Paddy Power Casino, 888 Casino, Quatro Casino, Pink Casino and the list is almost endless. Virtual City Casino is another popular no deposit casino giving a pretty hefty free credit level to the new players.

Casino WinPalace is another popular online casino offering a pretty hefty online signup bonus for the new players. Jackpot Grand Casino with its fusion of classic casino ambiance and tech savvy gaming opportunities offers more than 180 games and ample promotional offers for the players. Few other casinos are Casino Titan, Casino Golden Cherry, Slots Jungle Casino, and Slots of Fortune that offer good bonuses to fresher players.

Browsing through some of the leading UK casino directories you will surely find information about the best UK casinos that are loved by all for their grand signup bonus offers.

The Sky’s the Limit for Jack and the Beanstalk

NetEnt’s slots game, Jack and the Beanstalk, is insanely popular. Nearly all online casinos offer it as a web or mobile game, and there is even a website dedicated solely to helping gamblers find out where they can play this incredibly entertaining game.

Jack and the Beanstalk is a very popular slot game

Jack and the Beanstalk is unique among slot machines, equipped with lots of unusual and highly varied chances to win huge bonuses. Alongside more traditional incentives like free bonuses, this NetEnt creation also features stacked and walking wild symbols. Stacked and wild symbols enable players to increase their chances of winning by taking advantage of symbols which provide the best bonuses.

Because it so wildly popular among slot players, online and mobile casinos are engaged in a frenetic war to beat out the competition and attract players of Jack and the Beanstalk to their tables. Thrills, a relatively recent entrant into the world of mobile casinos, offers fifty free spins to new players of this whimisical slots game, as well as a 100 percent bonus on initial deposits.

The popularity of this game is forcing online and mobile casinos to offer bigger and bigger bonuses and more lucrative incentives to attract players. Meanwhile, the game’s creator, NetEnt, is experiencing explosive growth, largely on the back of games like Jack and the Beanstalk.

Dedicated players of the game have gotten together to create a website entirely devoted to reviewing all the different online and mobile casinos that offer it. explains in fine detail where to play and how best to enjoy this fantastic game. Alongside ratings and rankings of individual casinos, the website’s editors also provide helpful hints to players to get the most out of NetEnt’s lastest and fastest-growing game, where to play and how to win.

New policies and ISP Filters

Online gamers may experience increased difficulty entering new realms due to a new policy promoted through U.K lobbyists. The U.K’s largest service providers may install instant browsing filters, protecting minors from inappropriate content.

While a progressive plan for minors’ protection, ISP filters will likely be required to “opt out” of content, and the U.K’s biggest ISPs have responded in a variety of ways. Currently, TalkTalk and Sky have agreed to the censorship legislation’s proposal, though the country’s two major ISPs, BT and Virgin Media, have yet to implement the new standards. Both are under considerable pressure, though BT currently utilizes a specified opt-in filter.


ISP filters are designed to protect a minor’s access of adult or violent material


Affect on Gaming Sites

Primarily, ISP filters are designed to protect a minor’s access of adult or violent material. Unfortunately, online gaming sites may be affected by larger filters—and they may soon be considered “adult material” due to evolving ISPs.

While not a “game-breaking” threat, new legislation may pose problems for online gamers, as being unable to opt into such filtering systems without blocking game sites may become increasingly rare.


Critical Response

Currently, critics have assaulted the approach with a nod to “broad brush” censorship policies—wherein unnecessary precautions are taken, resulting in too much restricted content. Additionally, several charities and businesses have complained about unnecessarily-closed statuses.

Such limitations, while primarily causing consumer confusion, may seriously hinder site visibility. Many consider online gaming’s unfair inclusion may erroneously underling it as objectionable content, regardless of an opt-out filter’s intent. For now, British gaming fans may experience some frustration. Future changes have yet to be discussed.