About The Team

abootusGamblingandcasinos.org came about because we realized that there simply was not enough assistance for people who enjoy laying wagers online. There are plenty of sites that let people place bets and play games, but there are just not enough placing where people can learn how to gamble wisely and make in their spare time while never having to leave their computer.

Founded in a small office suite in Manhattan, this site is the brainchild of Matt and Vince. We have been buddies since college. We’ve taken trips to Vegas and gambled away all of their money before their first night was over. However, they learned how to win money gambling, placing sports bets and wagering on fights. Over time, we got so good at it that we realized we could help other people to make a partial income doing what we enjoyed doing. This is when Gambling and Casinos was born.

The overall goal of Gamblingandcasinos.org is to help the gambler who wants to get better at their craft. Everyone imagines that they could be the guy who is handicapping games and fights on sports shows. Plus, every guy wants to be like James Bond. James Bond can walk into a casino and win at anything.

The vision for Gambling and Casinos is simple. Every guy or gal who wants to gamble should be able to gamble with scary efficiency. We want people to be able to take it to the “man” and make sure that odds are falling in favor of the gambler rather than the house. Whether it is handicapping fights and races or betting on table games, there is a way to make lots of money in the gambling world without losing your shirt.

Check out what this dude from Texas had to say:

“Dude, I’ve been reading on gamblingandcasinos.org.com for a while and I finally found a way to make bets that make sense to me. I’ve been using the articles I’ve read on the site, taken their recommendations and turned those into parlays and outright bets on fights and games. I’m winning 75% of the time! Thank you!”

“Tthere is no reason for people to go any farther when they need to get information on fights, races, games and gaming. We want you to be able to hit the tables and win some money or handicap a few games and make some big money on the underdogs. We have the most information for every gambler who is serious about their craft and making more money.

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