Best Strategies For Craps

In a game of chance like craps where strategies in card games like blackjack, poker, baccarat do not work, players have to understand the layout and play casually to make their earnings. Any expert will tell you that the temptation to throw money on different bets on the table is immense but that can lead to reckless money loss. A sensible craps player is one who first concentrates on earning back the money wagered and then takes a couple of chances to make extra money. Ideally a player should not remove a DON’T PASS bet after a point is made of 6 or 8, as it has a decent equity bet.


Craps 5 count strategy

In this method, the player has to play very slowly by not betting anything in between rolls and reducing losses on random shots. In this strategy you start counting every roll after your chance and start betting after every fifth roll if shooter seems worthy. If the shooter gets a point or throws several points with every shoot, then other players too will start betting with that shooter. Players in this method usually work with small bets on every throw of the lucky shooter.

Winning strategy at craps

“DON’T PASS” bet is risky and rewarding. If the shooter hits either number 2 or 3 you are a winner but if he hits 7 or 11 you lose. The biggest risk with craps is the “sucker bet” as it has a big house edge and can make you lose big money. Besides these, the other worst bets are proposition bets that have house edge of 13.9 percent. Experts will always advice you to understand the flow of a craps game around the table first and study the players before participating in an on-going game as it could annoy existing players.

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