Slot Review – Kitty Cabana

Microgaming’s animal themed video slot Kitty Kabana is interesting enough to attract the most jaded slot player! It has a fun Bonus feature to give you access to free wild spins. You can start for as little as 25p or spread your luck with £ 37.50 every spin and play around with its charming felines. Kitty Kabana is set in a colourful luxury hotel and has an upbeat instrumental music of drums and wooden instruments to give you the feeling that you are traipsing through the floors of a luxury hotel. This regal tune is apt for the pretty cat guests and kitty waitress that sets off the wildcard spin. The game has five reels along with 25 lines to allow players to win as many as 7500 coins to 45000 coins in its free spins feature.

Kitty Cabana slot game

Kitty Kabana’s bonus feature

This feature provides free spins to players that get triggered in a random fashion when they do not get a winning spin. It has an interesting free spin feature called “Dashing Wilds” that moves across reels and stops in random locations to make small payouts. The Bonus feature of Kitty Cabana has free spins that can pay out 110000 to the lucky winner.

Game design and layout

The three rows in Kitty Kabana’s game stand for three floors of the hotel and to win the bonus a player must open the right door on each floor to unlock free spins and multipliers that will give him/her the opportunity to get the right combination. Its wild spins have interesting names like Expanding Wilds, Frozen Wilds Dashing Wilds, Split Wilds and Extra Wilds that get triggered at random and give free spins to players. The Frozen Wilds features shows wild reels frozen in place before they melt away that give players nearly 610 times win stake, while Split Wilds feature shows wilds that split into two more winning combinations. Play it today and see if you can win!

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